To get to their little corner of paradise, these dogs are entitled to a special carrier

In this boarding house for dogs in Canada, the happy quadrupeds do not only benefit from the very large garden, the games and the swimming pool. They also have a special transporter to take them there and bring them home in the evening.

Rachel Haggett and Wayne Devoe founded the Good Hands Boarding Kennels in 2011. They envisioned this dog day board as a school daycare for little humans. Why such a choice ? “ Because we all love our dogs like our children,Haggett tells The Dodo .

The establishment, located on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, a province in Eastern Canada, accommodates between 15 and 30 canines that arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon. Their days are busy, between trampoline sessions, swings, chases and swimming in the pool.

Dogs that cannot be driven by their owners do not skip school, as the Good Hands Boarding Kennels provides a pick -up service.

Rachel Haggett and Wayne Devoe have, in fact, bought a school minibus and fitted it out to accommodate up to 10 boarders at the same time. The latter thus make the daily outward and return journeys in complete safety by being placed in individual transport cages.

The initiative has met with great success with owners, especially those who do not have time to transport their animals to and from the pension themselves. Others have opted for this service simply because it is convenient or so as not to have to take the road in winter.

Some owners even play the game to the point of providing their dogs with small satchels , usually containing a few treats or a small blanket .

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At the Good Hands Boarding Kennels , we also celebrate birthdays and major holidays such as Christmas and New Years. In short, this place is a little paradise for these four-legged “schoolchildren”.


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