The best M names for a dog

In order to put order in dog registrations and to facilitate the keeping of its registers, the SCC (Société Centrale Canine) established a system of canine alphabet in 1926. This consists of assigning names beginning with a one and the same letter to all puppies born in the same year.

Anyway, 2016 is the year of the “M” . Puppies born this year are therefore given names beginning with this letter. It is preferable to opt for a name which is composed of one or two syllables in order to facilitate the assimilation by the dog. Here are some suggestions to help you choose a name for a dog in 2016 . Otherwise, you can also test our tool to find a name for your dog according to his gender and / or a specific theme.

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Names for Female Dogs Starting with M

  • Macha : from the name of a goddess from Irish Celtic mythology, but it is also a fairly common female given name in Russia and countries of Slavic culture.
  • Maddy / Maddie : used in English-speaking countries, diminutive of the first name Madeleine .
  • Marge : diminutive of Marjorie . The Simpsons fans will of course have recognized the first name of Homer’s wife.
  • Margot / Margaux : diminutive of the first name Marguerite . In reference, in particular, to Queen Margot ( Marguerite de Valois, 1553-1615). We also think of Margot the fairy , a character from Breton folklore.
  • Marquise : title of nobility.
  • Maya : the most famous bee, that of the eponymous cartoon which rocked our childhood. Originally, Maya is derived from Mary .
  • Melba : refers to a cultivar of domestic apple tree, but it mainly refers to the succulent frozen dessert that is the Melba peach.
  • Mila / Milla : Slavic given name derived from Milu . Some of the celebrities who wear it include actresses Milla Jovovich and Mila Kunis .
  • Milka : the famous brand of milk chocolate.
  • Milky : milky, milky in English.
  • Minnie : Minnie Mouse , Mickey’s girlfriend.
  • Missi / Missy : derived from Miss . Note that several towns bear this name in Calvados and Aisne.
  • Molly : first name of Germanic origin.
  • Blueberry : a fruity and delicious name.

Names for Male Dogs Starting with M

  • Magnum : in reference to the famous hero of the series of the same name, played by Tom Selleck . Also designates a type of firearms ammunition, among others.
  • Mario : Italian first name. Of course, we immediately think of Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber.
  • Marley : for reggae fans.
  • Maverick : nickname of the fighter pilot played by Tom Cruise in Top Gun (1986).
  • Medor : the most classic of dog names.
  • Mickey : Mickey Mouse , the famous mouse from Walt Disney . The first name is derived from Michael . Mickey Rourke is one of the celebrities who wear it.
  • Mika / Meeka : diminutive of Mickaël.
  • Mike : Like Mickey , Mike is derived from the first name Michael . We think in particular of boxer Mike Tyson , singer Mike Brant and filmmaker Mike Nichols .
  • Milo : from the name of the Greek island of the Cyclades, the sculpture found there (the Venus de Milo ), or the brand of chocolate drink.
  • Snowy : the loyal and very intelligent Fox Terrier from Tintin .
  • Mirage : in addition to the optical phenomenon, it also refers to the series of combat aircraft designed by Dassault .
  • Mistral : from the name of the wind blowing over a good part of the South of France.
  • Mowgli : the hero of the Jungle Book , the film signed by Disney and inspired by the work of Rudyard Kipling .
  • Mozart : named after the famous composer. What, perhaps, to reveal the artist who sleeps in your dog.
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