To sleep with the 8 dogs it welcomes this family has created a king size bed!

When Mariesa and Chris decided to move in together, they needed a bed big enough to allow their 8 dogs to sleep next to them. A local carpenter accepted this challenge.

Mariesa and Chris Hughes are a couple of dog lovers . He was 6 before they met, and she 2.

Chris was also already involved in helping dogs in difficulty. He had, in fact, created an association called Rowdy to the Rescue . He had notably welcomed a dog named Moses , then decided to adopt him definitively .

He had done the same with Sam , a dog suffering from anxiety , and Meatball , who had experienced 3 failed adoptions.

When Chris met Mariesa , they introduced their dogs to each other and the understanding was perfect. Sadly, 2 years later, Moses died of cancer . To pay tribute to him, the couple created the Mr. Mo Project organization, intended to help old and sick dogs find families .

When Mariesa and Chris moved in together, they brought in a local craftsman, Mike Ford , to ask him to make a giant bed for them , capable of accommodating all of their dogs. Adoring canines himself, the carpenter immediately accepted their order, which looked like a real challenge .

This is how he created this king size bed in very sturdy cherry wood, equipped it with a staircase for easy access for smaller dogs , as well as 3 built-in drawers.

Mabel , Gremlin , Meatball , Tejas , Money , The Stig , Sam and Quinn loved the bed! Just like Chris and Mariesa , of course, who also appreciated Mike Ford’s little touch of personalization: an engraved paw print to honor his dog Bailey .

This story was the subject of a report produced by the ABC News channel. Here is the video :

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