A Husky spends 5 days attached to a fence without water or food after the departure of its owners, an association comes to its aid

Abandoned by its owners when they moved, a dog called Carter spent 5 days without food or water in their old home. An association took charge of him, discovering in passing that he had a major wound that had become infected. Warned, the local police opened an investigation.

In early December, the family of Carter , a young Siberian Husky dog , left their home in Roselle , New Jersey, to settle 1000 km further south, in Georgia.

When moving , the owners of the canine chose not to take it with them. They outright left him alone in their old home, as All India Roundup reports. They had told the neighbors that they were coming back , but did not .

Carter thus lived 5 days on his own , without water or food . When residents get are sighted, they warned the association Popcorn Park Animal Shelter, which immediately sent a team to the scene to take charge.

Placed in their shelter in Newark , the dog was examined by a veterinarian , who found a significant wound around the neck . A wound that had become infected , by the way.

Carter is still there and continues to receive care from volunteers. The association does not yet know when it will be able to propose it for adoption .

For its part, the Roselle police , who have been informed of the situation, have opened an investigation . It was precisely the police who were able to locate the owners of the Siberian Husky in Georgia.


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