The inhabitants of this Indian city were amazed when they discovered this puppy in the arms of a monkey!

Under what circumstances does a monkey decide to take a stray puppy under its wing and care for it as if it were its own cub? No one knows, not even the locals of the Indian city where this beautiful story took place.

The story was widely relayed in 2016 and the outcome of this magnificent story is unfortunately unknown today.

It is not known how the primate took in and adopted the little dog, but all that mattered to her was that he lacked nothing and was completely safe . She even defended him with all her might when she thought he was threatened, especially when other dogs got a little too close to him, as shown in the photo below.

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Also according to The Dodo and various sources in Tamil language, the authorities in charge of forests and wildlife would have taken in the puppy . On the other hand, no one knows what happened to his adopted mother.


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