Severely affected by mange, this hairless dog finds a loving home on a freezing night thanks to his perseverance

The cold and sickness pained Penny the bitch terribly, but with the energy of despair, she showed up outside a man’s house hoping that he would offer her the help she so badly needed.

In Earlton , New York, a resident made a surprising discovery when he left his home. On that cold January night, a dog had found refuge outside her door, waiting for someone to hold out her hand. She was thin , hairless, and shivering . The man then welcomed him inside and called the police , who then took him to the Columbia-Greene Humane Society / SPCA shelter .

The one the volunteers called Penny suffered from demodectic mange , the most severe of the 3 forms of mange. Her skin was itching terribly and scratching only made her condition worse by causing infections and bleeding .

The Columbia-Greene Humane Society / SPCA and police investigated to learn more about its past and identify its owner . Within 24 hours, the latter was known and he was able to be arrested shortly after. He had simply abandoned her on the side of the road . The individual was to be tried for animal cruelty . He faced a $ 1,000 fine (approximately € 840) and a prison sentence.

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As for Penny , her health continued to improve. That was not all: a couple who already had 2 dogs adopted her !


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