More used to small dogs, this granny fell under the spell of a Rottweiler

At 80, Grammy didn’t see himself at all getting attached to a dog like Gus. All her life she had only known small doggies. The Rottweiler, however, was able to seduce her.

Several months ago, Mike Flanagan decided to adopt a Rottweiler puppy . Everyone in the family was delighted with the arrival of young Gus , but his stepmother , Peggy Allen , did not share that enthusiasm at all .

But that all changed when Grammy and Gus first met. The grandmother did not last long in the face of the irresistible face of the young Molossoid. So much so that she then visited him several times .

Weeks, then months have passed and little Gus has grown up . At 9 months, he weighed a good 40 kg . Which didn’t stop Peggy from loving him even more .

Unfortunately, in the meantime, the latter had to deal with the death of her husband . She needed comfort more than ever. Gus was quite determined to bring it to him. Whenever they meet again, the Rottweiler follows her everywhere and literally stays glued to her . He sleeps at the foot of his bed and lands on his knees to be drowned under the caresses of Grammy .

Gus is affectionate with the whole family, especially the children, for whom he is a great playmate , and Mike’s wife (and therefore Peggy’s daughter).

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