The dog’s fear of thunderstorms

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thunder sounded and lightning flashed. The light and sound frightened your dog. It can bark, howl and circle, showing stress, anxiety and uneasiness. Your dog may be hiding under the table, under the bed. He’ll hide by your side. Fear of the storm is typical of dogs. As far as you are concerned, this is a problem that needs to be understood and solved. How did this happen? Why is your dog afraid of the storm? What are the signs of fear? How to treat this phobia? Shouldn’t do

many dogs are really afraid of thunderstorms. The sudden and deafening sound put them in a state of panic. Sometimes they find this weather phenomenon and see signs of impotence there. The associated lightning does not solve the problem. This fear is perfectly justified, for example in children. It may have different origins, but it is not inevitable. You can help your dog get rid of it, usually in the face of its fear, but take a gradual approach to avoid the deterioration of the problem.

why is your dog afraid of storms?

dogs’ fear of thunderstorms may come from many sources. This may be due to genetic characteristics. In fact, in the ancestors of animals, each thunderstorm showed fear of this noise.

thunderstorms will send a distress signal to your dog. This is an unusually loud sound. Related to it are vibration and light. In the face of this situation and this invisible “enemy”, he felt powerless and desperate. Your dog will be under pressure. This anxiety will make her more afraid of the episode. A vicious circle begins.


may also be the result of shock, such as exposure to thunderstorms without shelter. Dogs can easily record this painful attack. The connection between the storm and the anxiety it causes in their mind will last for a long time.

is like a young animal seeing and hearing the storm for the first time in its life. It is likely to feel stress and fear. Here, this reaction is very natural, and the dog will have time to adapt to it, especially when it is surrounded by the owner’s love and support.

your dog can feel it even before the thunderstorm breaks out. In fact, dogs have this ability to sense changes in atmospheric pressure.

on the other hand, your dog looks upset. There will be a fundamental change in his behavior. He may bark or groan. His breathing may quicken with his heart. This is a sign of anxiety and tachycardia.

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your dog may be sweating, dilated pupils and excessive saliva.

they are protected in different ways. Your partner may stay with you, where he / she feels best. He can also go to his favorite place in your house. He can turn around and start getting over excited. How does

treat this phobia?

needs a lot of psychology, work and time to treat dog fear. For fear of thunderstorms, it has two main aspects: social and desensitization. A sociable puppy is not intimidated by daily noise. He is used to talking to meThe sooner the owner of


takes action, the faster the dog will overcome phobia and build confidence. Desensitization is equally important. The purpose is to uncover the mystery of thunderstorm, an unusual event, and its related factors (thunder, lightning, heavy rain…). For example, you can play a recording of a thunderstorm, but when you play with him, you can reduce the volume.


touch, encouragement and reward greatly increase the chance of success. If no improvement is found after several attempts, it is best to seek possible medical care advice from the veterinarian or the service of a dog behaviorist.


should not do in Thunderstorm situations:

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don’t pass your fear on to your dog. In this case, be as neutral as possible. In this way, you can bring your peace to your partner. If he has a fetish shelter, let him join. Don’t set any obstacles, because it’s important not to add pressure to the already obvious pressure. Don’t punish him. Phobia is uncontrollable. Punishing it will only increase another fear: being punished after fear

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