Dog constipation

Illustration : "La constipation du chien"

if your dog complains or cannot defecate normally when needed, it may be constipation. In fact, this gastrointestinal problem also affects our dog friends. We must deal with it very carefully!

summary how does

diagnose constipation in your dog? What is the cause of constipation? How to treat your animal to prevent this from happening again?

then, how do we detect its animal constipation, what are the symptoms of this disease, what are its causes, and most importantly, how to treat it? Constipation in


dogs is not easy to detect and diagnose, This is not only because the owner is not always present when the animal needs it, but also because the symptoms of this disease may be confused with other health problems. How does

diagnose constipation in your dog?

needs to remind you that when your animal defecates, moans, forces or looks for multiple places to relax, your animal will feel pain, so these behaviors may be the first sign of constipation. When he defecates successfully, usually after several tests, consider whether they are unusually hard.

before you worry, you must also determine whether constipation is temporary or actual. In order to do this, observe your animal as much as possible. If it cannot meet its needs after 36 hours, please consult the veterinarian. What is the cause of


some habits of your dog can promote constipation contraction and make your animal more vulnerable to this disease.

Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about sedentary: an animal living in an apartment spends little money and goes out for a walk during the day. It has developed the habit of restraining itself, so it is easier to constipate. Food quality: This is the most important because low-end cookies and pies are not easy for your pet to digest. A small amount of water: water is necessary to help your animal digest, especially when it eats cookies. In addition, consider giving him a large bowl of cold water and changing it often. Stomach problems: some abnormalities, such as intestinal obstruction in dogs, may lead to constipation. How to treat your animal to prevent this from happening again?

in case of severe constipation, your veterinarian will prescribe laxatives to help your dog meet its needs and reduce the genes caused by constipation.

if the situation improves, your pet can defecate, Consider adopting new habits to prevent the recurrence of the disease.


also read that dogs’ flatulence

increases the speed of walking. Prefer snacks that make your dog easier to digest and give your dog less food per meal. Take the dog’s bones out of the food because they are difficult to digest.

if your pet relapses despite all preventive measures, please always consult your veterinarian and ask them to check your partner and find a more appropriate solution.

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