An NGO relaunches the debate on the consumption of dog meat after the discovery of nearly 200 dogs locked in cages in South Korea!

In a city in northern South Korea, hundreds of dogs crammed into iron cages have been discovered by association. These animals were meant to be auctioned off for their meat.

The NGO Lady Freethinker fights daily to end the slaughter of dogs and the trade in their meat in South Korea. This summer, the organization had carried out an investigation in a dog meat auction house in Namyangju , a city in the north of the country, as reported by CNEWS .

These sales take place in particular on the occasion of “ Bok Nal ” days which correspond to the 3 hottest days of the year. A period during which the consumption of dog meat is at a peak , because according to local tradition, it would allow you to cool off.

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