An audio tale to help children overcome the grief of their missing animal

Because the loss of a pet is difficult for a child to experience and understand, Esthima launches the first audio podcast tale to accompany her in this ordeal. Content adapted to the youngest, developed in collaboration with a psychopractor specializing in early childhood.

The positive impact of the presence of a pet on the personality and life of the child is verified in many ways. Alas, the dog, the cat or any other companion is not eternal. His disappearance is a significant event for his young human friend.

This is an audio tale of 2 episodes of 10 minutes each, around Eden , a 12 year old female Golden Retriever. We follow the last moments of the dog’s life alongside her young masters Lucie and Noé.

End of life, euthanasia, final treatment, the emptiness left by the animal… So many delicate aspects which are addressed in a form adapted to the child and playful, to support him in the work of mourning. A tool that is just as valuable for parents, who not only have to go through the painful ordeal and find the right terms to comfort their offspring and explain the matter to them.

Offered by Esthima , a French company of animal funeral directors, the content has been designed in collaboration with Marianne Jamet . The latter is an early childhood psychopractor, using play therapy to help children aged 3 to 12 deal with their emotions.

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