Dying, this man only had a break after his dog was in good hands

Living with Charcot’s disease, a Californian knows his days are numbered. But the contribution of his dog, both morally and physically, keeps him alive. This great canine lover thinks more than anything about what will become of his faithful companion once he dies. He is doing everything he can to find her a new family, and thus to know that it is in good hands.

John is a dog lover . During his life , this man has already possessed 13. It’s simple, he cannot do without . It’s his drug, his reason for living . Especially since nothing has been made easier for him by a precarious, fragile health caused by a neurodegenerative disease . Indeed, John suffers from Charcot’s disease and is constantly sitting in a wheelchair . Worse, his days are now numbered.

Some dogs end up being euthanized after the death of their master

Great support for people with ALS

John’s benevolent gesture is therefore to be welcomed . Especially by turning to this refuge, he already knows that Pawpaw will find himself a land of welcome. Especially since his fiery, playful and benevolent nature is a plus. “ Pawpaw is very personable and would suit most homes. He loves to sleep with his master and live indoors,Sherri says. It remains to be hoped that Pawpaw finds his future family before John’s death. This will allow him to leave more serene. Well… when he leaves, because he doesn’t seem in a great hurry either.

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