Meet Hunter, the painter dog whose canvases are selling like hot cakes

The particularity of Hunter the Shiba-Inu is that he is able to paint. The owners of this friendly dog taught him to handle the brush like a true master of abstract painting. And his paintings are very popular on the Internet.

Hunter is not quite a common dog ; As Bored Panda tells it, this 5-year-old Shiba-Inu is a painter who is followed by thousands of subscribers on social networks.

It is in the province of Alberta, Canada, that this quadruped lives with his adopted parents Kenny Au and Denise Lo . It all started when the couple were looking for an original idea to decorate one of the large walls of their house. They were considering embellishing it with artistic creations and felt that Hunter had to be a part of it somehow.

It was then that they first taught him to hold a brush between his teeth and apply it to a sheet of paper , then to add paint … The first paintings of Hunter were thus born.

Afterwards, Kenny and Denise created an Instagram account, Shiba Art Online , devoted to their dog and his pretty abstract paintings . Today there are nearly fourteen thousand subscribers .

They also opened an Etsy page, a platform where any artist can sell their designs. Hunter’s paintings can be purchased there at an average price of 50 dollars (44 euros) per unit.

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Although the dog seems to take great pleasure in painting, it is not the only thing his parents taught him. The couple taught her a variety of tricks : cleaning her toys , stacking rings, bringing back different items, and more. They explained to Bored Panda that they don’t want the painting to become a chore for Hunter , noting that the day they feel he is no longer entertained by it, they will immediately end the experience.


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