Your dog’s appetite is essential! Here’s how to get it

Dogs have their own preferences and naturally focus on meat foods, but they are also sensitive to other flavors. What he eats must be good for his health and well-being, but also bring him pleasure.

Dogs have 7 times fewer taste buds, these receptors found at the tip of the tongue, than humans. However, even if the sensitivity to the taste of food is less in dogs, it does exist and comes into account in their perception of food, as well as in the fact that they favor certain types of food and prefer to abandon it. others.

That said, it is the smell that takes precedence when the dog chooses its food. It is his most developed sense and the one on which he trusts in priority.

Smell in dogs and its role in their diet

Dogs taste and food preferences develop quite early in life, usually around 2 months of age and as the puppy approaches weaning.

Considering the dog’s diet without paying sufficient attention to the dimension of taste and especially that of smell would be contrary to the natural needs and expectations of the animal.

Our canine friends are very sensitive to the scents emanating from the contents of their bowls. They base themselves above all on their sense of smell to judge the interest of a food. As you will have understood, smell plays a central role in your dog’s appetite.

What is an appetizing food for a dog?

Palatability is a capital concept when it comes to food for dogs. Along with their smell, the taste that characterizes food influences the interest that the animal may have in them.

Meat is the main constituent of its diet. It is therefore naturally more sensitive to its taste and smell. As a result, the freshness of fresh meat and the scents that emerge from it play an essential role. The fresher the ingredients, the more fragrant they are. Consequence: your dog’s sense of smell will be more solicited and therefore his appetite increased tenfold.

Why stimulate your dog’s sense of smell to preserve his appetite?

It is essential to ensure that the properties – olfactory first, then taste – of a dog food are preserved, until the moment when it is poured into its bowl.

How to develop dog food without altering the taste, while refraining from using artificial methods or products?

By the quality of the ingredients

It is undeniable that fresh, high-quality food offers more flavor and scent. From meat and vegetables, to oils and carbohydrate sources, these are the best parts that make for tasty recipes and keep the dog happy.

By cooking mode

Like the nutrients it contains, the taste characteristics of a food can be lost if one chooses a cooking method that is too “aggressive”. Thus, cooking too fast or at high temperature can make the food noticeably less tasty and therefore alter its degree of palatability towards the dog.

By means of preparation, treatment and transport

The preparation, packaging and all the other stages which precede the removal of the food from its place of production also influence its taste. Packaging, mode of transport and supply channels as well. A food treated with care during these different stages will have a better chance of retaining its flavors.

A diet where flavor and benefits are present

Because it places the well-being of the animal before any other consideration, Edgard & Cooper strives to offer dry (kibble), wet (boxes and trays), treats and chewing sticks recipes that are times, filled with health benefits for dogs, but also appetizing by their smell.

Like you in the restaurant, when your hot plate comes out of the kitchen arrive at your table, your first instinct is to smell it to start the pleasure of the senses and the tasting. With his hyper-developed sense of smell, imagine how important the smell of the dish is to your dog.

To stimulate the dog’s sense of smell and to prepare meals, the brand:

  • Carefully selects its ingredients: Edgard & Cooper only uses fresh meat and offal in its recipes. They come from animals raised in the open air, fed with respect for their nature. The same care is given to the choice of vegetables and fruits, as well as vegetable and fish oils, rich in essential fatty acids.
  • Cooks food in accordance with the animal’s needs: Edgard & Cooper recipes are cooked slowly and at low temperature, in order to protect the quality of the food and its benefits.
  • Takes great care of its products: the brand favors short circuits and uses refrigerated trucks, which avoids treating the food to preserve its freshness.

At Woopets, we had the opportunity to test the Edgard & Cooper recipes and the dogs were won over. As soon as the package was opened, the dogs’ sense of smell aroused a curiosity that was difficult to contain.

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The tasty Edgard & Cooper food for dogs, but also for cats, can be found on the brand’s website and in stores near you.

In the meantime, here is a nice TV spot from the brand on this theme:


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