New practical and stimulating bowls for your pet offered by Vétopop

Illustration : "Des nouvelles gamelles pratiques et stimulantes pour votre animal de compagnie proposées par Vétopop" © Vétopop

The French company Vetopop, founded in 2018, has once again distinguished itself by adding 2 innovative products to its catalog. Spotlight on the foldable travel bowl and the Anti-glutton bowl.”

The meal should be a moment of well-being for the dog and cat. This daily ritual allows the owner to take care of his favorite 4-legged companion. Feeding it properly doesn’t just mean filling its stomach; it also passes in the way of feeding it. In addition to ensuring a healthy and balanced diet adapted to the breed, but also to the age, weight or level of activity of the animal, it is just as necessary to choose an important accessory: the bowl. The format, the material and the size are characteristics that should not be overlooked.”

” Vetopop offers 2 new bowls that are both stylish, stimulating and fun

To improve the well-being of the animal, Vetopop highlights 2 flagship products for its food:

© Vetopop

The foldable travel bowl stands out for its practicality. Equipped with a storage case, it is ideal for any owner taking his companion on vacation or on any other trip.”

The Anti-glutton bowl for dogs and cats promotes, meanwhile, a slower and more natural diet. As it mentally stimulates the dog and cat, the latter can say goodbye to boredom. The container will seduce everyone with its plethora of formats, colors and materials, a recyclable version of which is composed of plants.”

© Vetopop

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Thanks to the foldable travel bowl and the Anti-glutton bowl, stimulation, design and entertainment will be at the rendezvous. They are all 2 available on the Vetopop website.”

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