These 10 photos illustrate the happiness of adopted dogs

A stray dog or a dog living in a shelter will spend his time waiting for the person who will want to take him under his wing. Human warmth and the feeling of belonging to a family are crucial for the well-being of dogs, these emotional creatures.

Dogs are overjoyed when their adoptive family crosses their path. This is what these photos prove to us.

Here are 10 photos of dogs that were lucky enough to be adopted.

1. This stray Malinois bitch was hungry and dirty, and walked on her own to the house that was going to be hers.

2. A little bitch with an irresistibly admiring look addressed to the person who has been taking care of her for a few days.

3. An elderly and blind dog who has just been adopted by a family that intends to take good care of her

4. A young woman who was adopted herself decided to become the owner of a dog who, like her, is from South Korea.

5. An Alaskan Malamute extremely happy to have been adopted, to see his happy face and full of enthusiasm

6. A 7-year-old Samoyed dog with his new owner, both thrilled to have found each other

7. Rolled up in his blanket and lying on his new owner’s lap, on his way to his new home

8. The bitch ended up accepting the new family member

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9. This little one is still shy but he will blossom very quickly thanks to the love of his new mother

10. Her first day with her new family looks promising


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