The dogs of a sick homeless man wait for him in front of the hospital

It is an extremely touching scene which the nursing staff of a Brazilian hospital witnessed and which he had the good idea to share with Internet users. It is a testament to the gratitude and loyalty that a dog can have towards its caregiver.

For most of the homeless , their dogs are their only family and their only support during the long days and nights of wandering and precariousness. Despite their meager resources, which they owe mainly to the generosity of passers-by and to charitable associations, these homeless people do everything possible to ensure that their companions in misfortune are properly nourished and in good health . Their dogs, them, return it a hundredfold and dedicate them an unfailing loyalty. It’s a description that fits Caesar and his dogs perfectly.

Caesar lives on the streets in Brazil and takes care of the stray dogs in his area, so that a small pack of quadrupeds has formed around him and has sworn loyalty to him.

Last Sunday (December 9), at around 3 a.m., he had to go to the Alto Vale Regional Hospital due to health problems. Nurse Cris Mamprim and his colleagues were on duty at the time and therefore took him in for treatment. It was there that they realized that their patient had come accompanied; in front of the hospital door stood a group of dogs.

They waited patiently outside for their friend Caesar to return and did not even try to cross the threshold.

Affected by the situation, the doctors and nurses decided to let them in so that they could join their benefactor. An hour after his arrival, Caesar , who received the necessary care, had the green light to leave the hospital, not without having received food from the caregivers. They also thought of dogs by giving them food.

Caesar only ate a small part of the meal, leaving the rest to later give to his canine friends . He also explained to the medical team that he often went without food by giving priority to dogs.

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