This blind hen’s best friends are Pitbull dogs

Forming a surprising duo of friends, a hen and a Pitbull were only separated by the dog’s death.

Here is a story that twists the neck of the bad reputation Pitbulls have at the same time that it shows that animals of different species can become friends very well. She is reported by The Dodo .

Christa Hubbard and her family adopted Peri when she was just a few days old chick. Unfortunately, at the age of 6 months, the hen suffered from a serious eye infection which left her blind , despite the treatments and the various specialists consulted.

From then on, Taj , the Pitbull of the family, who was 3 years old at the time, felt invested with a mission towards the hen. He began to accompany her, to guide her and to protect her , as if he understood that she needed support .

Having become inseparable , Peri and the dog thus lived 8 years of a full and genuine friendship . Sadly, Taj passed away in July 2018 from cancer .

The dog left a huge void in the family. Peri also missed him terribly. In front of her sadness , Christa Hubbard decided to adopt 2 Pitbull puppies. The hen has regained her enthusiasm with young canines, especially the female named Gracie . Very quickly, a new friendship was born between them.

Gracie even got into the habit of bringing him toys. And when Peri is outside in the pen, the dog is never far away, ready to intervene if necessary.


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