With a terminal illness, a dog is adopted by a couple who decide to shower him with love until his last breath

A retired couple living in Todmorden, England, have given a dog with an incurable disease a last home. His mission ? Allow him to spend the rest of his life serene and filled with love.

64-year-old Helen and John Brierley welcomed 10-year-old Sugar to give him the chance to live his final months peacefully. The female Boxer cross Mastiff, who had been staying in a shelter for 6 weeks, is the victim of an inoperable cancerous tumor developing on one of her anal glands, reveals Teamdogs . To prevent him from living his last moments in a kennel, the retirees have decided to adopt him.

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They were troubled by her resemblance to Charlie , a female dog they had also adopted. “ She has become a member of the family. When we had to euthanize him John and I were absolutely devastated and said we wouldn’t have another dog, ”explained Helen .

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But destiny decided otherwise. The couple couldn’t resist Sugar , whose condition turned off potential adopters. “ We saw the little life that is still in her, and we wanted to give her a chance, ” added the Englishwoman.

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The perfect family

Sugar thus joined Helen , John and their 2 guinea pigs. Her new owners pamper her on a daily basis and provide her with the palliative care she needs. The patient is also forced to visit her veterinarian regularly.

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The staff at the shelter (Pennine Pen Animal Rescue) are delighted that their protégé has finally found the perfect home, in which she is swimming in an ocean of unconditional love. Despite many attempts, the volunteers despaired of getting her adopted. When their dearest wish came true, they spread the good news on social media. The latter was applauded by many Internet users, who praised the dedication and benevolence of the couple.

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