Rescued by the side of the road, this stray and skeletal dog finds the strength to thank his rescuer despite his condition (Video)

A dog with skin on his bones was desperate to get the help he so badly needed, until a kind-hearted motorist decided to stop. Saddened by seeing his condition, the man realized that he was his only chance and that he could not leave it there.

Somewhere in Romania, a very sick dog was trying to survive on the side of the road, but he couldn’t find much to eat. Every now and then, passers-by would leave him an old piece of bread, but it was far from enough for this hungry and extremely skinny animal, as I Love My Dog So Much relates.

Finally, a man who was driving by there took pity on him and stopped to help him . He gently carried it to install it in the vehicle, then took it home.

At home, he started by giving her a bath . The poor dog was totally terrified , both of the man, who was saving him, and of the water. Motionless , he stood in a corner of the tub. His benefactor tried to comfort him by talking to him and kissing him tenderly, while he was washing him.

Afterward, he gave her a basket and blankets to keep her warm. The man also offered him a bowl of food and another of water , but the canine was reluctant to eat. He then handed her a treat while encouraging her. Finally, the animal accepted it and licked the hand of the person he was now starting to trust .

The dog, which shyly wagged its tail , had found the strength to stand up to thank its host.

Here is the video of his rescue , posted last month on the Animal Rescue Dogs YouTube channel:

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