This dog with a singular look is causing a sensation on social networks

The heterochromia characterizing the eyes of this adorable dog named Lucky is not its only distinction; he also wears an amazing mark above his right eye.

His name is Lucky and lives up to his name, since he was recently lucky enough to be adopted by a woman who adores him and who thinks only of his happiness . This little 2-year-old dog has only landed in the life of Charice Fca Cha , his new mother, for a few days, but both are already very attached to each other .

On August 4, shortly after her adoption, Charice Fca Cha posted a photo of her dog Lucky on the Dogspotting Society Facebook group. The success was immediate! The post now has over 11,000 likes and has garnered hundreds of comments .

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For the rest, Luck is a healthy dog, although rather thin at the time of his adoption. There is no doubt that he will eventually regain a normal weight in the company of Charice Fca Cha . “ I think a happy and fun future awaits us ,” she concludes. It’s all the harm we wish them …


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