Dog fights boredom by becoming a rat’s best friend

Osiris, Dutch Shepherd, was rescued abandoned in a box when he was just a puppy. Riff, a rat, was also rescued shortly after birth. The 2 had the leisure to meet within the same family. For the worst ? No, for the better.

You miss only one being and everything is depopulated. For Osiris , he couldn’t really miss anyone. On the contrary, he could only be relieved to draw the line on his old life . His family of origin abandoned this dog , when he was still very small. Without regret, without a hint of guilt, this Dutch Shepherd found himself in a box , left in a parking lot .

It was there that he was found by a family , also animal rescuers. She took care of hosting it. First temporarily, then definitively . She had gone from foster family to adoptive family . Osiris had won the hearts of his owners , madly in love with the animal.

Riff barely saved

Only and in spite of the love that we had for him, Osiris was bored . The days seemed long. Until he met Riff , the new house rat . The fear of meeting them quickly gave way to the relief of an agreement without the slightest hitch . Without any false note.

Osiris ‘ family had little choice , as Riff is a rodent narrowly saved from death. His condition was worrying when he was only 4 weeks old . But well fed and cared for , Riff made it out. Today, he and Osiris are an inseparable , inseparable pair. Riff watches over his canine friend, much bigger than him.

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Even more since Osiris became a therapy dog . Together, they support each other to help the dozens of animals rescued by the family . The video visible below should undoubtedly move you. It is proof that two apparently different beings can cohabit and even befriend.


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