Respiratory diseases in dogs

Illustration : "Les maladies respiratoires chez le chien"

cavity, nose, throat, trachea, lung tissue and large and small bronchus may be damaged, damaging the respiratory ability of dogs. These more or less serious diseases may be caused by infection, bacteria, viruses, parasites or deformities.


various causes of bronchitis, lung lesions and tumors. There are various sources for the main treatment of respiratory diseases in

dogs. Trauma, infection and heredity may lead to various diseases affecting the respiratory system of animals. Their performance sometimes brings great inconvenience to the latter, but in most cases there are treatments. Let’s review the main respiratory diseases of dogs, their particularity, and the solutions to these diseases. When foreign bodies enter the dog’s respiratory system through the nostrils,

is caused by various reasons. This often happens because it relies heavily on smell to locate itself, and the impact on animal respiration may be serious. This may range from simple nasal secretions to the most serious lesions, but other events may also lead to respiratory diseases.

may be congenital malformations of the nasal cavity, or even tumors of the lungs or lungs. Respiratory diseases have a variety of origins. Their role is the same.


like humans, bronchitis usually occurs in dogs. Bronchitis can take different forms, such as canine infectious tracheobronchia, which is more known as “kennel cough”. It is a highly contagious disease that is transmitted through close contact between dogs. It is caused by the digestive tract parasite Ascaris lumbricoides, whose parasite cycle passes through the respiratory tract. This situation is quite subtle, but not impossible. Its consequences may affect the breathing ability of dogs throughout their life.


tracheitis is not uncommon in dogs. In some cases, it may lead to chronic cough, especially in very small varieties because of their small tracheal diameter. Dogs often cough loudly. The use of bronchodilators (used to treat bronchial caliber reduction) can improve the condition of diseased animals Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. To further understand the

lung lesions and tumors, X-ray and bronchoscopy is one of the preferred diagnostic tools for lung lesions. The purpose is to accurately check the airway condition. Therefore, the nature of lung injury can be determined in more detail for appropriate treatment. Rapid treatment of lung injuries is particularly important because they can lead to acute heart failure or pulmonary edema (pulmonary effusion), which can be fatal. In the past, they were not common in dogs, but in recent years, their cases have increased significantly due to longer life span, improved diagnostic techniques and increasing exposure to carcinogens (tobacco, pollution, etc.). Most p tumorsThe lungs are metastatic, which means they come from a primary tumor originating from another tissue or organ. Early lung tumors, such as bronchoalveolar carcinoma, are less common.


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mainly treats

Respiratory diseases caused by bacterial infection can be treated with antibiotics. This is usually associated with anti-inflammatory drugs. Patients with dry irritating cough need antitussive, expectorant and mucolytic agents to make their secretions smoother.

surgery is necessary in most patients with laryngeal paralysis and obstructive syndrome. It is also used in dogs with cancer in combination with chemotherapy. On the other hand, those who develop sinus tumors receive radiotherapy, and the results are often satisfactory.

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