Teach the dog to clean

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when you were a child, your dog wanted to urinate at any time, and he could urinate anywhere in your home. An example tells you that teaching your dog to clean is a necessary condition for a peaceful life for two or more people. Here are our suggestions to make your dog a clean ace.

executive summary

quickly start learning from your dog and summarize that

teaches your dog that cleaning is one of the main things he should do when he arrives at your home. Dogs often urinate, but they don’t necessarily come to tell you when. You can predict its behavior by observing its behavior (circle, smell the corner it thinks appropriate…)

a dog with strong desire can easily find itself. Generally speaking, it tends to circle and smell the floor. This is a sign of strong desire. So you have to get him out and teach him to clean. It’s part of puppy education. Don’t worry, it only takes 3 weeks to learn, but you must participate as little as possible and show patience in any case.

as always, learning requires patience and consistency. As for urination, your dog will mainly think:

plays games every two hours in the first few weeks, wakes up after each meal, and one or two times in the evening.

rewards your puppy at any time. Not necessarily because of a candy that may make her overweight, but because of a caress, a symbol of love. In this way, the study of urination can be completed within 4 months. But if your puppy can’t control himself at night, don’t panic. This is normal and there is nothing to blame.

soon began to learn

. The cleaning learning must be carried out immediately after the dog comes home. If necessary, take him to your garden or the belt on the street. You have to get him out every hour (yes, his bladder is small!), especially when he wakes up. The most important thing is to give it a very accurate space in your home. Therefore, this will enable him to adapt to your absence and make it easier for him to learn cleaning.

use a keyword or short phrase to let him understand your expectations for him, such as “urination” or “needs”. Repeat, wait patiently until your puppy realizes its little things. This may take some time, but most importantly, remember to reward him at the end.

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? You just need to blame yourself. In other aspects, the dog is still a very small child. It is important to teach it to clean with patience, wisdom and education. The accident happened, especially at this age. If this happens, don’t scold your dog. Don’t punish him. Don’t put your nose in the urine. This will only scare your dog, so start over out of anxiety. He will not hesitate to hide to meet his needs and fear your reaction.

if there is an accident, be sure to clean the floor without the presence of a dog. He can think of it as a game and start over. Pay attention to neutralizing odor. After a week or two, your dog will begin to understand and wave to warn you of strong desire.

for others, as mentioned above, don’t hesitate to congratulate your dog when he urinates outside. This can speed up learning and reduce the risk of accidents.

dog learning if a puppy learns from a very young age, you may adopt an adult dog with poor cleanliness. You have to teach him to behave. This is no small matter. The root of this behavior can be found in several explanations:


also read that using

to click to educate his dog is a bad learning, and the relationship between the owner and the dog is unbalanced. For example, in the absence of the owner, the dog can freely climb to bed and sofa… This behavior may also be created by you in the dog’s life. You must correct this and give him a basket, such as putting a contraband in your house. Anxiety. Maybe it’s because you’re not here. Anxiety is characterized by loose stool or increased diarrhea. Dogs are not anxious alone. It depends on your attitude and habits. Disease. The root cause of unsanitary may be health problems. In that case, see your veterinarian.

is very important for adult dogs to return to the basis of learning cleaning. Take him out, congratulate him, don’t scold him, and try to reduce his anxiety and fear. In this way, you will successfully recover from this situation.

concludes that the cleaning of

puppies is achieved through patience, routine and kindness. Your puppy (or dog) must adapt slowly, but be safe. Don’t rush him before urinating outside. Wait patiently for your dog to restrain himself. In case of accident, step back 2 steps and increase the number of outlets again. You shouldn’t waste your time.

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