The big ways used to extract a puppy stuck in a maze of pipes

Throw the dog had the bad idea of snooping around on the side of an old drainpipe. He thus got lost in the meanders of the underground pipes. Significant resources had to be mobilized to free him.

Jamie Taylor lives with her dog Jet in South Yorkshire, England. One evening, the young man took the 16-month-old quadruped for a walk at a late hour not far from their home. Jet slipped away from him and got stuck in a drainage pipe . Totally disoriented because of the darkness, he continued to advance until he got lost in this veritable maze of pipes , located under the site of an old factory. The underground drainage network extended over an area equivalent to 2 or 3 football fields.

Jamie Taylor could hear his dog barking , but he couldn’t see it. After unsuccessfully trying to locate him, he called the RSPCA for help around 2 a.m. Joanne Hartley , member of the association, went to the scene and called her colleagues for backup. Firefighters also arrived, as did Yorkshire Water , a local water distribution and treatment company , and a building company .

The Yorkshire Water team deployed a camera which, as it progressed through the network, eventually helped locate the dog .

Jet was about 100m from where he had disappeared, and about 1.5m deep. It was stuck in a tube connected to a largely buried manhole. The responders had to dig to reach it.

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