The podcast Whale under gravel a wild odyssey by Marc Mortelmans video

Illustration : "Le podcast  Baleine sous gravillon  : une odyssée sauvage de Marc Mortelmans (vidéo)" © Frank Canon

There is so much to discover on the little blue planet! Every Wednesday, journalist and traveler Marc Mortelmans broadcasts podcasts about nature, the environment and living beings. Each episode, which takes the form of a 20- to 30-minute interview, takes listeners to distant lands to discover biodiversity. A scientific program that tends to arouse everyone’s curiosity and raise awareness of life, as well as the major environmental issues of today and tomorrow.”

The whale under gravel podcast was born in May 2020, thanks to Marc Mortelmans. This lifelong lover of nature and animals has made it his mission to discover animal species, from the rarest to the most common; but also to raise awareness and facilitate responsibility.”

Every life is precious, but fragile. Biodiversity is currently at risk. And for good reason: the Earth, suffering from an ever-increasing fever, is mistreated by humans. As a result of the destruction and pollution of ecosystems, the planet suffocates, suffers at the same time as its hosts. Through his podcasts, Marc Mortelmans informs the public and raises awareness of major environmental, moral, health, scientific and climate issues.”

© Philippe Grand

Photographers, philosophers and specialists are at the rendezvous

To do this, the popularizer invites a myriad of experts exposing the history of life in all its forms, from the visible to the invisible. This is an exciting journey from the macro- to the micro-environment, where viruses are as much addressed as mammals.”

© Jonathan Jagot

Guests come from all walks of life. They carry on their shoulders a bundle rich in knowledge, which they are eager to share with as many people as possible with dynamism and enthusiasm.”

The first season, the 18 episodes of which aired from May to September 2020, was devoted to biomimicry, designating inventions inspired by nature. While a second season will end on June 30, 2021, a third is already scheduled for next September.”

Much more than podcasts

Whale in gravel is not limited to audio documentaries. Marc Mortelmans, surrounded by a team of volunteers, uses a plethora of other channels to carry out his mission.”

Every week, wildlife photographers exhibit their beautiful shots on Facebook. A Youtube channel has also been created. The latter, in addition to offering the replay of audios, shares various interviews and video reports. A website, currently under construction, will be a crossroads of knowledge and a forum for discussion. Internet users will be able to consult photographs and articles on nature.”

© Fabrice Guérin

To go further, Marc Mortelmans and his acolytes plan – as soon as the health situation allows – to organize round tables and workshops in schools, festivals, communities, companies or other institutions.”

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© Pierre Escoubas

“Whale under gravel” represents much more than a booming independent media. It’s an ode to life.”

Being a native podcast, self-funded for a year, you can donate by clicking here.”

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