Home for senior dogs helps woman with cancer by babysitting her 4 Chihuahuas

A woman was having happy days with her 4 dogs. Unfortunately, lung cancer called everything into question, starting with the guarding of his canines. She found a shelter for senior dogs who agreed to keep them… temporarily.

Linda lived happy , peaceful days with her 4 Chihuahuas. But for Scaredy, Brewsy, Suzy and Runty , life has suddenly changed. For their mistress too, to his great regret. This Fort Lauderlade , Florida resident was forced to leave her home. He had just been diagnosed with lung cancer , at the most advanced stage (4). Long months of treatment and a hard fight awaited him. For that, she took the direction of Rhode Island , at her sister’s.

It was becoming impossible for Linda to properly take care of her 4 charges. She was convinced that a new roof was essential for them. With the help of her sister, she set out to find an ideal solution. His handicap was having dogs of a certain age (one of 16, 3 of 14). Miraculously, a shelter for senior dogs agreed to take them in. Better, Kristen and Marc , the 2 owners, made an agreement with Linda . Her 4 dogs will not be adopted and will be returned to their owner as soon as she has regained all of her abilities .

Word kept, since Scaredy , the oldest of the 4, is already back at his mistress’s bedside. He supports her in her chemotherapy while her 3 friends have happy days. Their daily life boils down to activities , hugs and above all, well-deserved rest with their cuddly toys .

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When her illness leaves her a little alone, Linda does not hesitate to come to see her animals in a refuge always there to welcome her. A refuge that gives regular news to the one who tirelessly fights against the disease of the century. She is convinced, if she manages to keep her spirits up, Linda owes it in large part to Kristen and Marc . “ They save my life a bit ,” she tells People. They continue, the time for Linda to overcome the disease.


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