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Is Illustration : "Le collier de dressage pour chien" and

suitable for dressage necklaces? In the face of positive canine education methods, this equipment is often ignored. Let’s understand this through two different designs: electric and jet training necklaces.


training necklaces principle manufacturer’s argument dog advocate’s point of view

training necklaces are still used by many educators and teachers, There are various models in business. However, in the past few years, more and more people oppose these accessories. The effectiveness of dressage necklaces, whether electric, spray or otherwise, has been strongly criticized, as has its potential harmful effects on the dog itself. Training necklace is considered to be a device that may cause harm to animals, which is inconsistent between animal advocates and methods to actively strengthen dog education.

principle of training necklace

no matter what model, the training necklace is designed to send a signal to dogs, Should stop him immediately. Usually, there will be a beep in front of this signal.


have different types of dressage necklaces on the market. They emit electrical pulses

from the vibration of ultrasonic waves (usually lemon grass) emitted by odor. The

training Necklace includes a transmitter controlled by the remote control. It can operate the equipment by sending signals or programming, and can also set the strength and duration of the equipment.

electric dresser collar sends out low-voltage electrical stimulation (usually 3V). No use on puppies. On the other hand, the spray will send an unpleasant odor signal to the dog.

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manufacturers. For the manufacturers of these necklaces and educators promoting their use, these devices meet specific needs and must be used in a specific environment. They use them as an auxiliary tool for communication and education, and remind that they do not intend to stay around the animal’s neck all day, only during education. For them, the danger comes from the improper use of the training necklace, not the tool itself. According to the opinions of

dog guards on the other side of

, their voices are more and more heard and respected. People think that the effectiveness of the training necklace has not been fully proved. It may even be counterproductive, because the signal sent by the dog may be related to another irrelevant signal, such as the doorbell. This can cause confusion in the animal’s mind and exacerbate its behavioral problems. Not to mention the risk of injury and injury when these devices fail.

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clicks. People also believe that these necklaces may make dogs more aggressive in the long run.

A decree recalling article 871 of the rural code of 28 August 2008. R. 214-24 stipulates that “education and training activities under conditions that may cause unnecessary injury or pain to pets are prohibited.”

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