Woman bitten on the arm by her own dog, rescued by her neighbor firefighter

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The incident took place this Thursday in the Rhône. While walking her dog, a woman was attacked by the latter, who seriously injured her arm. The consequences of the attack could have been worse without the intervention of his neighbor, a professional firefighter. The animal was placed in the SPA.

A woman was bitten by her dog this Thursday, April 23 in Chambost-Allières (69), near Lyon , reports 20 Minutes .

The particularly violent attack took place during the afternoon. The victim was walking her dog, a Doberman , when the latter attacked her. He inflicted a severe bite wound on her, tearing off a piece of flesh.

Alerted by his cries, his neighbor , a firefighter by profession, immediately came to his aid . In intervening, the 30-year-old was also bitten by the dog, but more lightly than the owner of the latter.

She was transported to Villefranche-sur-Saône hospital . As for his pet, he was placed in the SPA .

Le Progrès states that his mistress had adopted him after a dog training course . The Doberman Pinscher had, in fact, been aggressive before.

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When this kind of incident occurs, the biting dog is usually placed under the supervision of an expert veterinarian . The latter performs a behavioral assessment of the animal in order to estimate the degree of danger. The authorities then make a decision with respect to the dog based on the conclusions of this expertise.

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