Worried about the well-being of his mistress during her set of pull-ups, this dog does not want her to have her feet in a vacuum! (Video)

When a dog thinks his master is in trouble or in danger, he doesn’t hesitate to come to his aid. Igor rightly believed that his mistress needed help and had a completely surprising attitude, although there was nothing to be afraid of for her.

To say that Igor loves his adopted mom Montse is a weak word. This dog adores her and would do anything to save her if necessary. The little anecdote in question and which The Dodo makes us discover here proves it.

Montse is a great sportswoman. She never misses the opportunity to exercise, especially at home. Last March, she decided to do some pull-ups on an improvised horizontal bar , installed under the roof of what appears to be an outdoor shelter or a large porch. She had taken care to film herself in order to view her practice later and make any corrections to her posture. Igor the Schnauzer was obviously in the front row during the young woman’s sports session.

Because the bar was high, Montse used a chair to make it easier to reach. As soon as she gripped, she pushed the latter slightly to move it a few millimeters away. But as she began her pull-ups, her visibly worried dog rushed over to her and pushed the chair back under her feet .

Igor probably thought that his mistress was in trouble , seeing her suspended and making great efforts. An unusual scene which shows all the affection and intelligence that our dogs can show towards us.

Here’s the video Montse posted on Twitter:

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