Just like his mistress, this large dog welcomes new kittens with pleasure!

When Nancy, a stray cat, gave birth to her kittens, she was able to count on both a volunteer and her caring dog.

A few weeks ago, the Lee County shelter , located in Sanford in the state of North Carolina (eastern United States), took in a cat named Nancy . The latter was then pregnant , as LoveMeow reports. On February 5th, she gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens : 3 males and a female. The shelter staff then called on Katie Rodriguez , the founder of an organization called Baby Cats Rescue . She takes care of pregnant stray cats and orphaned kittens.

So Katie took care of the very sweet and affectionate Nancy , who was able to enjoy a safe and warm place to take care of her little ones. But in addition to the benevolence of the volunteer , the cat was also able to benefit from that of her dog Burt .

This 14 month old Pyrenean Mountain Dog loves kittens . He had already helped her raise a good 40 and he knows exactly how to do it. His patience and gentleness mean that, when they grow up, young cats come naturally to him to play or simply seek comfort from him. For Katie , he’s the best socialization vehicle for a kitten, after their mother, of course.

After the birth of little Nancy Burt heard them meowing and sat right behind the door, protected by a barrier, to observe the scene.

Katie then let him in and the dog was clearly delighted to see the kittens up close . Nancy , she had expressed no objection to his presence. She even let him lick her kittens. The cat had without perceiving the benevolence characterizing the Patou .

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Like all the other cats spent with Katie and Burt , they will eventually join their new families that they will certainly be filled with happiness.


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