Paralyzed, a dog learns to walk again thanks to the perseverance of his master who offered him all his time and attention! (Video)

A man was taking his elderly and paralyzed dog to the swimming pool to relieve his pain, but these sessions eventually made him regain the use of his limbs.

When we love our dog , we do everything in our power to relieve him when he is in pain . This determination often gives mind- boggling results , even miracles , as this wonderful story reported by Go Animals proves.

Kane is an adorable dog breed Siberian Husky. The quadruped is no longer very young. As he got older , he began to feel and manifest pain in his hindquarters. He subsequently lost the use of his hind legs .

His owner was very sorry to see this, but he was determined to do something to improve his health. Too old, Kane could not be operated. He was on painkillers , but their effect was temporary and that did not solve the problem.

His master then had the idea to take him to the local swimming pool. He told himself that the water would ease his pain and give him a few moments of relaxation. These improvised balneotherapy sessions did much more than that. After a few sessions, in fact, Kane started to move his hind legs again. He was even able to take a few steps . Something unthinkable a few weeks ago.

Here is a video showing the dog and his master sharing moments of complicity at the pool, as well as the first steps he took after his rehabilitation.

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