Educate his dog with ultrasonic whistles

Illustration : "Eduquer son chien avec un sifflet à ultrason" and

are natural, neutral and low-key educational tools. Some educators use ultrasonic whistles.


ultrasonic whistle: what are its advantages? Advantage 1: more natural and effective communication advantage 2: no emotion control advantage 3: tools that need active learning methods

do you know that ultrasonic whistle trains your dog? I invite you to explore this very effective tool, which is rarely known to “lambda” owners, but it has been well proved among working dog educators.

in my opinion, the use of ultrasonic whistle in learning (especially memory) has three main advantages:

advantage 1: first, more natural and effective communication

, You know, your dog will feel more ultrasound, not just your voice, because he is not used to hearing ultrasound constantly.

in fact, you use your voice to communicate with your dog in daily life, so he is used to it, Although ultrasonic whistles are only used occasionally,


, by the way, owners who talk a lot to dogs often encounter medium and long-term problems in communicating with pets, It’s simple because dogs can’t speak our language and it’s hard to absorb everything. If it becomes too difficult to understand and explain, dogs will only listen less “obediently.”


“therefore, talking to dogs as little as possible and using effective reminder tools will be a cooperative solution, Generally speaking, communication is smoother.

advantage 2: when you recall your dog, there is no emotional command

, In many cases, this doesn’t work because we put too many conflicting emotions in the callback command: either because we are afraid and want our dog to come back soon, or because we are angry that it can’t come back faster, and so on. These emotions sometimes go against our orders and destroy the interaction, because the dog doesn’t want to go back to an angry or stressed person. Remember, dogs are opportunistic animals that cooperate only when they are comfortable and satisfied. Education based on coercion will be malicious and therefore wrong, while education based on cooperation between owners and animals will be more effective and respect the true nature of dogs.

so, you will understand, different from sound, The ultrasonic whistle allows control neutrality to avoid sending conflicting signals to the dog during recall.

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. Finally, I think the use of ultrasonic whistle will be effective only when the educational method is positive. We will discuss the practical use of ultrasonic whistle below, but in fact, ultrasound must always be combined with positive things to attract the dog’s attention and create positive conditions in the dog. In addition to the above three main advantages,

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