An association helps 29 Bulldogs promised to Chinese meat markets

A Californian association brought nearly 30 dogs to the United States to be sold for their meat in China. Other organizations took part in this operation, which saved the canines, in particular by raising the necessary funds to finance the trip.

29 French Bulldogs who risked ending up in slaughterhouses in China are now waiting to join their new families in the United States, according to People . The process leading to their rescue began more than two months ago.

At the beginning of March, in fact, the association Wonder Dog Rescue , based in San Francisco , launched an appeal via social networks, about these dogs promised to the Chinese meat market.

Wagmor Pets

These French Bulldogs and Bulldog crossbreeds were born to breeders, in whose eyes they no longer had any market value. They then decided to sell them to slaughterhouses and restaurateurs serving dog meat, but the animals escaped their terrible destiny thanks to the intervention of volunteers.

Wagmor Pets

25,000 euros collected to finance the trip

Wagmor Pets , another association based in Los Angeles , is one of those who responded to this call. A mobilization was set up, also bringing together Pug Nation , Church of Pug and Tiny Paws Pug Rescue , organizations specializing in the rescue of Pugs. This made it possible to collect the 30,000 dollars (nearly 25,000 euros) needed to finance the transport of dogs by plane to the United States.

Wagmor Pets

On May 7, 17 of these Bulldogs arrived in Washington , then boarded another flight to Los Angeles . It was there that they were greeted and taken care of by the Wagmor Pets team . They will soon be joined by their 12 fellows.

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All were examined by vets, washed and comforted. They are now waiting for families to be found for them. The adoption requests are already reaching the association in large numbers.

Wagmor Pets


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