She transforms her house into a shelter for senior dogs to give them a happy end of life

Sher has made her home a home for dying dogs, so that they can live their last days surrounded by love.

It was in 2006 that Sher Polvinale and her husband Paul decided to house senior dogs . They then transformed their home , located in Gaithersburg in the State of Maryland (northeastern United States), into a refuge for these grizzly-haired doggies that they named House with a Heart . Alas, 2 years later, Paul passed away , but Sher continued their fine work .

Joined by volunteers and functioning mainly thanks to donations , the association was now able to accommodate up to 30 dogs aged 12 and over. The lady and her team work very hard to ensure that the animals “ have an end of life full of love and care, ” as she explains to The Epoch Time .

In total, today 60 people take turns to take care of daily tasks: cleaning, care, meals, laundry, etc.

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Sher is everywhere, she who says she only leaves her property 4 times a year to go to medical appointments. She is always there for the senior quadrupeds she takes care of. The latter are brought to him either by shelters or by families who can no longer take care of them .


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