Flatulence in dogs

Flatulence in Illustration : "Les flatulences chez le chien" and

dogs has problems only when it is too frequent or related to disease. In addition to these cases, this is not worthy of attention, especially because there are solutions.


digestive disorder caused by phagocytosis is a potential sign of potential disease, which can prevent and treat

flatulence What some people may find interesting is that for others, this is a real source of unhappiness. This is the case with flatulence in dogs. They correspond to a very natural phenomenon, that is, the anus expels intestinal gas. Therefore, in most cases, they should not pay too much attention. On the other hand, flatulence can sometimes be a sign of digestive diseases. Discomfort is caused by noise and smell. If the dog is healthy, its surrounding environment can feel discomfort more than dogs.


one of the main causes of dog flatulence is swallowing. The word refers to a fairly common phenomenon: swallowing a large amount of air when eating or drinking. This habit may be a special behavior of some dogs, especially those with flat faces, such as English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Beijing Bulldog or bulldog. It can also be promoted by excitement at dinner.

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. Another factor that may lead to flatulence is small dyspepsia, which is usually related to the difficulty of the dog’s body in absorbing some carbohydrates, fiber, lactose and other nutrients. They are not absorbed by the intestine, promote the growth and activity of bacteria, and lead to the accumulation of malodorous gas. This is why it is so important to give dogs a proper diet and prohibit bad eating habits (excessive food, leftovers, etc.). Dogs’ digestion may also be affected by dietary changes. His digestive system needs time to adapt to new foods, from home prepared food to biscuits, and vice versa. Food conversion must be gradual and take about 10 days to gradually introduce new and old mixed foods.

may be a sign of potential disease

It becomes even more worrying when a dog’s flatulence is a sign of a potential digestive disease. It may be inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) or small intestine (enteritis). If this disease is suspected, it is strongly recommended to take the dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible to obtain accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


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to prevent and treat

flatulence In order to reduce the flatulence of the dog’s intestines and stomach, the first measure to be taken is to choose high-quality food. For example, high-quality biscuits, coupled with good protein, are more popular than low-quality products. There are even biscuits for dogs with digestive problems. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the veterinarian to recommend the most appropriate choice. Splitting a dog’s food can also reduce flatulence, give the digestive system more time to complete its work, and reduce air absorption. Finally, dogs should eat in a quiet place away from excitement and tension.

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