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, dog sports bring real happiness and happiness to dogs, but their practice is not without risks. Our four legged companions cannot completely avoid accidents that may affect their health. In order to help you provide the care you need for your sports dog, dog sports insurance is the ideal solution.


the multiple benefits of dog sports. Why buy dog sports insurance? Kdsps dog sports have many benefits for dogs and humans, and regular participation in sports has many benefits. First, exercise stimulates the dog’s body. Exercise induced work enables animals to enhance muscle and cardiopulmonary function and help control body weight.

in addition, exercise improves coordination and stimulates senses and intelligence. When you watch dogs’ activities, you can easily see how much they like to spend money. In addition, dog sports greatly strengthen the connection and collusion between animals and their owners.

discipline introduction to all dogs

dog sports do have activities suitable for all tastes. Each dog can find activities that meet its introduction. Some of the most famous disciplines are:

get suggestions from woopets by registering for newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about Agility: This is an obstacle course under the guidance of a master. Passages, fences, hedges, walls, tires, rotating bodies, rigid tunnels and flexible tunnels are all parts to be crossed. Canine: the owner and his dog compete together, connected by a long belt. Canivtt: it’s the same principle as canicross, but the master runs on his mountain bike. Field experiment: This is a dog hunting competition involving different disciplines (big task, spring and summer hunting task, autumn hunting task). Mondioring: it includes a variety of exercises involving the specific qualities of the dog, such as quiet, obedience, self-control, biting, etc. flyball: it practices on a straight obstacle with four hedges. Once over the obstacle, the dog will start a device called flybox. It will pop up a ball. The animal must grasp it in flight, and then cross the hedge to bring the ball back to its owner. Why buy dog sports insurance? Like human beings,

also has risks when engaging in sports activities: injuries, accidents, diseases… Accidents such as


require veterinary care, intervention, treatment and welfare, and their costs may be particularly high. Bills can quickly reach considerable amounts between consultation, surgery, medication and follow-up.

dog sports insurance allows you to pay part or all of the expenses. Therefore, you can provide the best care for your dog without worrying about financial difficulties.

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