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pets can be abandoned on public roads or shelters; The consequences of giving up are different. Abandonment may or may not be punished by law.


abandons pets outside the shelter abandons pets inside the shelter abandons pets outside the

shelter The rural and marine fisheries act indirectly defines abandonment through the concept of divorce. Therefore, paragraph 1 of article l.211-23 stipulates: “any dog, except hunting or raising or protecting sheep, is no longer under the effective supervision of its owner and shall be regarded as wandering, (b) Outside the sound range of the person, or in any sound instrument capable of causing the person to be recalled, or within a distance of more than 100 meters from the person or the person in charge. Any abandoned dog, delivered only by instinct, is in a wandering state unless it participates in hunting activities, and there is evidence that its owner has not given up all efforts to find and retrieve it, including after the hunting activities. “”


” Paragraph 2 of this article deals with cats, which stipulates: “any unidentified cat found more than 200 meters away from the owner’s residence, or any cat found more than 1000 meters away from the owner’s residence, if not under the direct supervision of the owner, shall be regarded as wandering, And cats seized on public roads or other people’s property.

therefore, there is no real definition of abandoned animals, which applies to the same legal system as wandering animals and wandering animals. The procedure is the same for all these animals because they were wandering and / or wandering before they were abandoned. Therefore, abandoned animals can be taken to the storage place designated by the municipal authority. If no one claims the animal, or the owner or keeper is unknown, the mayor (for unclaimed animals) and the custody Manager (if the keeper is unknown) will choose between euthanasia or sale, When it is transferred free of charge to a recognized public interest or declared Animal Protection Association,

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is not a crime, only abandonment is a crime; There are specific criminal convictions. According to article 521-1, paragraph 9, of the criminal code, abandonment of livestock, domesticated or captive animals, except those intended to be reared, constitutes an offence and is punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 30000 euros. This is an autonomous crime; There is no need to damage the physical integrity of the animal. In other words, the crime of abandonment does not require maltreatment or cruelty.

on the other hand, abandoning animals in the shelter is not considered a crime and there is no criminal punishment.

abandons pets in the shelter

According to article l.214-6 of the rural and Marine Fisheries Law, The shelter is “a non-profit organization, managed by an animal protection foundation or Association designated by the governor for this purpose, to receive and take care of animals from the animal shelter after the end of the protection period specified in articles l.211-24 and l.211-25, Or donated by their property


laws allow owners to abandon their pets in shelters. Therefore, it is legal to abandon animals in shelters, but it must be clear that happy abandonment does not exist; Tears sometimes come out and the throat is knotted. There are many reasons. In some cases, abandoned people may feel pain. The


shelters are not obliged to accept animals, especially because they are limited by space. However, they often take measures to find solutions to prevent animals from living on the streets or even being euthanized.

in this case, a document will be completed and a waiver document signed. The characteristics of the animal will be recorded in order to find the most suitable home in the future.


also read that it is a crime to protect the hound


only to abandon outside the shelter. Without wishing to impose any punishment on those who abandon animals, it is necessary to recognize the quality of public services in shelters, which engage in real public service work.

goes further: see Professor Jean Pierre marg é Naud, Suggestions on giving legal personality to abandoned animals, P. 17 and s.

https://idedh.edu.umontpellier.fr/files/2020/07/RDSA-1-2020-1.pdf “Kdspe

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