Used to living with many cats, this Pitbull has become one of them by copying their routine!

Mako the dog doesn’t just get along with cats; he behaves like them. This is what his family discovered by adopting this Pitbull, whose particularity made him a celebrity on social networks.

Pitbulls suffer from their bad reputation, but every day we find stories from dogs of this breed that show how gentle , sociable and affectionate they can be. It’s all about education and socialization . Mako did not lack either of them.

As Blasting News tells it, in fact, this 2-year-old dog fills his family with happiness. His owners, Bethany and Samantha Castiller , adopted him from a shelter , when they already had several cats at home.

Initially, they took all their precautions to ensure that the presentations took place in the best conditions. They kept the cats in one part of the house and the Pitbull in the other. It was about letting them gradually get used to each other, before allowing them to meet .

When Mako and the felines finally got to know each other, he proved to them that there was nothing to fear, quite the contrary. The dog does not only coexist with the cats ; he behaves like them .

Whenever he has the chance, he scrambles to the top of the fridge or jumps onto the counter , just like his new friends do. He imitates them to perfection. A mimicry that goes as far as the absence of barking .

For Bethany and Samantha , there is no doubt that Mako was used to living with cats in the past.

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