Canine malignant tumor


dogs are as prone to tumors as humans. The latter is not necessarily cancer. There are benign tumors and other malignant tumors, which we call cancer.

malignant tumors are especially suitable for older dogs, but they may also affect younger dogs. Although cancer is a serious disease, it can be cured now. This requires early detection.

what is a malignant tumor?

malignant tumor refers to the uncontrolled proliferation of some cells in dogs. It starts with an organ or tissue, and eventually develops and spreads to other parts of the body in the form of metastasis. The cause of

cancer is unclear. The cause of

dog cancer is not clear, but some factors contribute to the occurrence of this disease:

inbred hybridization (two dogs from the same family mate) Environment: providing a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet can protect a dog from certain cancers and other diseases. Genetics: unfortunately Genetics plays an important role in the proliferation of cancer cells in dogs. Chemicals: dogs may be exposed to pesticides, pesticides or fertilizers. Some may cause cancer to animals exposed to them. Extreme solar radiation: the sun is harmful to the skin of dogs, especially white dogs with poor UV protection. Age: cancer risk increases with age. Race: some breeds are more prone to cancer. The most affected breeds are: boxer, Lowe, golden retriever, German shepherd, Berne shepherd, German dog, curly haired Bichon. How to protect his dog?

Since the factors that promote the growth of malignant tumors have been more or less determined, dogs can be protected by avoiding these factors. Remember, there are several biological alternatives to the chemicals used in the garden, so your dog will benefit from a healthy environment. Sterilization also has a protective effect on dogs, especially dogs. This will reduce the risk of breast cancer. However, the effect of sterilization on other types of cancer has not been confirmed. It is also necessary to coat the brightest area of your dog with a full screen to protect them from ultraviolet radiation.

example of dog malignant tumor

several cancers occur repeatedly in dogs:

Skin cancer breast tumor testicular tumor lymphoma (related to lymphatic system), insulinoma (pancreatic cell tumor), osteosarcoma (long bone tumor)… Cancer symptoms of exogenous cancer (such as skin cancer) in


for internal cancer, the following is a list of symptoms, not exhaustive:

Physical unusual mass apathy halitosis bleeding weight loss dyspnea diarrhea vomiting dysuria or defecation persistent fatigue cough fever gum color change…

however, it is important to note that in the same wayIf you have a variety of malignant tumors and symptoms, only regular visits to your veterinarian, such as annual vaccination, can ensure that you can detect abnormalities as soon as possible. How does

treat cancer? The easiest way to treat cancer with

is surgery. But this is not always possible. This depends on the size of the mass, age or the condition of the dog.

chemotherapy is the second choice for the treatment of cancer. It can cause cancer cell death.

otherwise, radiotherapy allows radiation to destroy cancer cells.

your veterinarian may recommend that you combine these treatments to improve the efficacy. However, if the animal does not respond to treatment, has been transferred, or the overall condition has seriously deteriorated, euthanasia is possible and can be provided to you to avoid prolonging the life of the animal under difficult conditions. “

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