20 qualities of Labradors that their owners love

There are many reasons that make Labrador Retrievers such a popular breed. Here are a few.

Labrador Retrievers have so many qualities that make them very popular pets. Indeed, they are very friendly companions, they are sociable and make excellent therapy dogs.

Here are 20 reasons to appreciate Labrador Retrievers.

1. They are happy to help

Labrador Retriever have a very docile character. They can become excellent assistance dogs.

2. They are very kind to children

Labradors are particularly considerate with the whole family and pay extra attention to the children they love very much.

3. They are very social

Labradors get along with pets. They quickly become friends with them because they can’t wait to start playing and having fun.

4. They are adorable

The Labradors are absolutely adorable. This also contributes to their success with families and children.

5. They like to participate in household activities

Labradors volunteer to help their owners. Whether it’s carrying things or closing doors, they’re always happy to help.

6. They are our lifelong friends

Adopting a Labrador is winning a friend who will always stay with us.

7. They accept new pets in the house

Sociable, Labradors easily accept cohabitation with other pets.

8. The color of their dress

The coat color of Labrador can be brown (chocolate), black or sand.

9. They like to spend time outdoors

Labradors love outings and activities outside the home. They enjoy going to the beach, the park or hiking.

10. They make concessions

The Labradors will agree to leave their bed to the cat because they have a big heart.

11. They are very calm

Labradors love to play, but they are also able to sit still when needed.

12. They love baths

Labradors enjoy activities in the water. This is why bathing is such a fun time for them.

13. They know how to relax

Labradors have a lot of energy, but know how to relax when they need it.

14. They care about the happiness of their family

All that matters to a Labrador is seeing his family happy and he will not skimp on ways to help.

15. They love soft toys

Labradors were bred and trained to bring back birds. That’s why they love the soft toys they can carry in their mouths and play with.

16. They are overflowing with joy

The Labradors are always overflowing with good humor and joy that they sow around them.

17. They are motivated to travel

The Labradors are still up for a road trip. Travel and new encounters make them very enthusiastic.

18. They provide support

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Labradors do not leave their masters’ bedside in the event of illness. They accompany them during difficult times.

19. They love to swim

Swimming is one of their favorite activities. At sea or in a swimming pool, Labradors are always happy to dive into the water.

20. They are very protective of babies.

Labradors gladly watch over newborns. They make it their mission to keep them.


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