The dog you choose will likely become your doppelganger, science says so!

According to scientific studies, there are several factors that make a dog and its owner end up looking alike, both physically and in attitude.

Faced with a messy group of dogs and their owners, a stranger would be perfectly able to guess who owns each animal. This astonishing fact is a completely plausible scientific claim.

The physical resemblance between a dog and its master is only seen when the animal is chosen according to its breed and appearance. Man would have an unconscious tendency to adopt a dog that looks like him . Therefore, this physical concordance is not required if the animal is a street dog that is adopted to help it.

We would naturally be inclined to prefer things that are familiar to us, reports Dr. Stanley Conor at Brightside . A study reveals that the preferences of women with long hair spontaneously go towards dog breeds such as the Beagle or the English Springer . While their short haired sisters prefer Basenij and Siberian Huskies .

The dog is an animal gifted with great intelligence . At the end of a study analyzing the behavior of dogs , it was revealed that the latter ended up adopting the behavioral habits of their masters. This study consisted of observing the choice of dogs as to how to open a door . Their choices were always similar to the way their masters did.

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Finally, on a psychological level, dogs would be very imbued with the state of mind of their masters. An anxious , negative mood or a happy, positive mood would rub off on theirs.

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