They intercept a van and save 61 dogs promised to the slaughterhouse

7 months after the ban on the trade in dog meat in Siem Reap province, local authorities recently carried out their first interception of dogs intended for slaughter. About sixty animals, which were transported in very poor conditions, were thus saved.

On February 21, a van carrying 61 dogs was intercepted in Siem Reap province in Cambodia. The vehicle was supposed to reach Kampong Cham , 260 kilometers away, where the canines were to be delivered to a slaughterhouse , as People reported.

The quadrupeds were crammed into 6 cages . Young for the most part, wandering or stolen from their masters, they suffered from hunger , thirst and heat . They hadn’t eaten for days.

Dogs rescued and treated, driver arrested

After their rescue , they were able to stretch their legs in a secure space, before being entrusted to the organizations Four Paws , Paw Patrol Cambodia and Animal Rescue Cambodia . Their teams work together to care for, feed, rehydrate and vaccinate them .

The driver of the van was arrested by police in Siem Reap province, who carried out the operation in collaboration with the local agriculture department.

This is the first interception since the entry into force, in July 2020, of the ban on the trade of dog meat in Siem Reap .

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An action hailed by Four Paws , but the latter recalls that the province remains an important source of supply for other regions of Cambodia, including the capital Phnom Penh . Animal welfare associations and authorities still have a long way to go to end the trade and consumption of dog meat in the country.


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