Injured, his skull deformed, this puppy was scared at the very idea of being saved!

Animal Aid Unlimited / YouTube

Suffering from an infection which causes him great pain, a puppy regains its vitality as soon as it is healed.

An injury to the head of a puppy caused swelling of the cheek. Very sore and scared, the puppy had a bleeding head and was scared of anyone who tried to approach him. He was in a small alley in Udaipur , India.

The inhabitants then called for help who immediately intervened.

The rescuers are part of Animal Aid Unlimited , a charity located in Rajasthan (north-western India). As if by instinct, the pup immediately understood that the individuals who approached him this time were his benefactors and he started wagging his tail even though his head was in pain.

One of the members carried it and it was transferred to the premises of Animal Aid Unlimited .

The vet examined the animal and understood that a forehead wound had become infected and caused fluid to accumulate in the cheek. This explains why the latter is inflated. The wound was so painful that the poor animal could hardly bear to have it cleaned. But he showed courage .

The vets gave him antibiotics . The next day, the cheek visibly began to lose volume and the dog felt infinitely lighter. Once healed, he was handed over to his mother who greeted him warmly. The little dog, meanwhile, had become a real ball of energy.

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