Jean Claude Van Damme calls on the Bulgarian authorities via social networks to try to save a condemned Chihuahua!

Moved by the situation of a dog who risked being euthanized, Jean-Claude Van Damme appealed to the Norwegian and Bulgarian authorities to save her. The Chihuahua had arrived in Norway from Bulgaria with forged documents, hence the deadlock.

Raya will not be euthanized . The intervention of Jean-Claude Van Damme helped to achieve this happy outcome , as reported by L’Avenir .

Last Saturday (October 17, 2020), the 60-year-old Belgian actor posted a video on social networks to discuss the case of this Chihuahua dog stranded in Norway and who risked death, asking local authorities, but also those in Bulgaria to facilitate his return to Bulgaria and thus prevent him from being euthanized .

It was by stumbling across the online petition launched by the Norwegian buyer of the bitch that Jean-Claude Van Damme learned about this story and decided to intervene .

In his video, he indicates that it is his daughter’s birthday and that the next day would be his, that his “ best gift […] would be to sign a petition, because a little Chihuahua, who looks like the one – here [he shows the one he has on his knees] but a little younger, is being kept by the Norwegian authorities ”, which he begs to reverse their decision .

He then addressed the Bulgarian authorities, recalling that he had shot many films in this country. “ We have spent millions of dollars through tourism […] . I love Bulgaria, as you know, ”he continues.

While acknowledging that the authors of the transaction had faulted by relying on falsified documents and saying he was ready to pay any fines or penalties if necessary, Jean-Claude Van Damme reiterated his call to the officials concerned in the 2 countries to find a solution to save Raya’s life.


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