Stray dog, hidden under car and aggressive, discovers family love after rescue

Wounded in the paw and terrified, a dog has undergone a total transformation thanks to the intervention of a volunteer who taught her to trust humans again. Months later, she turned into a savior in her turn.

Hope For Paws , an association based in Los Angeles , had received an urgent message about a small stray dog who had just been hit by a car , says The Dodo .

Arrived at the scene, the founder of the organization, Eldad Hagar found her hidden under a vehicle in a parking lot. Sore , she was limping and seemed to be very scared . She bared her teeth , growled and barked whenever he tried to approach her.

Eldad Hagar then put a fence around the car to prevent it from moving away. By reassuring the animal and showing himself to be extremely patient , he managed to put the “ lucky leash ” around his neck. This is what the Hope For Paws team calls the leash their volunteers use when rescuing a dog in distress .

Exhausted , the bitch finally let it go. She also understood that this man only wanted her good . He gently pulled her towards him, stroked her and gave her a piece of chicken to eat . She was finally relaxing. In Eldad Hagar’s vehicle, she even gave her savior kisses , something unthinkable a quarter of an hour earlier.

Arya kindly let Eldad Hagar wash her before the operation . This went perfectly and, 3 weeks later, the dog was totally transformed .

Entrusted to a foster family , she ended up being adopted by a couple, Zach and Katherine . They called her Edie .

The bitch didn’t just turn out to be affectionate and playful . She has also turned into a savior for her new family. Zach says, in fact, that Edie had come to get his attention while he was watching television in the living room; in the bedroom, Katherine was having a seizure . The bitch’s frantic comings and goings had made her master realize that something was wrong. He was thus able to rescue his wife in time .

Here is his moving story in video :


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