Man has a stroke, his new dog saves his life by licking him and dragging him to the phone!

Grateful to the man who adopted her and helped her overcome her trauma, a female dog saved her life in turn. Thanks to Sadie, his owner was able to be rescued in time while he was having a stroke.

Gratitude and loyalty are not empty words in dogs . It is a state of mind that animates them in a totally natural and innate way . Sadie demonstrated this recently.

This is a 6 year old female German Shepherd who lived at the Ramapo-Bergen refuge , located in Oakland, New Jersey. She had been brought there by her former owner , the latter not being able to keep her because he had to move , tells FOX 8 .

Separated from her master, the dog had become particularly nervous and suspicious of people. This did not facilitate the task of the volunteers, who were looking for a family for him . However, they ended up finding one .

Brian fell in love with Sadie as soon as he saw her. He immediately perceived and appreciated her intelligence and loyalty . By adopting her, he knew that he now had a wonderful friend , but he was far from suspecting that she would pay him back a hundredfold.

Sadie saved him in turn

Last week, Sadie and her new owner were home alone, when Brian became unwell . He didn’t know it yet, but he was having a stroke . The man collapsed , but he did not lose consciousness . What kept him awake was the fact that his worried dog was licking his face .

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Sadie then helped him drag himself to his cell phone, which was across the room. This is how he was able to call for help just in time to be saved.

Brian was admitted to the emergency room and is currently in a rehabilitation center, where he is continuing his recovery . His family takes care of the 4-legged heroine, whom he sees every evening on videoconference. They both can’t wait to meet again .


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