He creates a dream villa for his dog so that he does not feel alone during his prolonged absences

Out of love for his most loyal companion, a specialist in the construction of wooden fences decides to use his talents for the happiness of his dog.

Maya is the dog of David Connolly who is the owner of a wood fencing company , Fencing Decking Specialists NI , based in England. Connolly often has to travel for work. Whenever possible, he takes Maya with him. When it isn’t, he has to leave her alone at home .

For Connolly, Maya is his best friend and her loyalty deserves that he does everything in his power to make her happy. For this reason, and after noticing that the bitch was spending her time in the garden when she was on the move, he decided to build her a cabin .

This very luxurious and well-equipped kennel is the way he has found so that his prolonged absences make his dog’s loneliness less burdensome.

The cabin is made of wood. It has a balcony and is equipped with lights and heating for the cold winter nights.

When Connolly is back home, and although the dog really appreciates her cabin, she leaves it behind to spend her time with him at home.

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The 2 friends love to be together. Dogs’ lives go by too quickly and we have to do everything we can to make them happy, Connolly tells Dodo .


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