Wandering, depressed Newfoundland travels 1,000 kilometers to change his life

Everest, a Newfoundlander, never thought he had such an incredible destiny. The dog wandered down the street before being rescued by an association. This rescue allowed him to start a new chapter in his life.

Everest is super skinny and wasn’t doing well on the streets, ” Hope for Paws staff said on Facebook. The Newfoundland was found in deplorable condition, covered in chips, knots and dirt.

His immense sadness overwhelmed the volunteers, who took care of him. They took him to safety and treated him. Everest took a bath and took a long nap to relax. The huge bear-like dog eventually recovered and felt better, reports Animal Channel .

© Loreta Frankonyte

The Newfoundland became a therapy dog

The organization that took him in decided to find him the ideal family, capable of giving him the life he deserves. A couple from Oregon, who already have 2 dogs named Bonnie and Clyde , have applied for adoption. His goal ? Train Everest as a therapy dog.

© Loreta Frankonyte

© Loreta Frankonyte

He blossomed as soon as we got there, ” said team member Loreta Frankonyte.He has everything he ever wanted. He lives in a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and snow. Everest has started a new chapter in his life. He trained for 6 months before accompanying Clyde to children’s hospitals.

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© Loreta Frankonyte

And the story is not over! Soon after, his rescuers found his brother wandering the street, whom they named Fuji . They decided to reunite them: Everest and Fuji are now thriving in their new home, paw in paw.


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