10 photos of animals mastering the art of blending into their environment

Our dogs and cats have a multitude of talents and they demonstrate them to us every day. One of them is to blend in perfectly with the decor. These images are proof of that.

Our pets are always particularly skillful and creative when it comes to hiding. Sometimes, however, they do this quite unintentionally by playing chameleons. They blend into their surroundings when it is similar to their beautiful dress, both in terms of colors and patterns.

Here are 10 photos showing dogs and cats who have mastered the art of camouflage perfectly, even if they act without realizing it.

1. This cat matches the carpet perfectly

2. This black cat has chosen to sit on an armchair of the same color.

3. This Berger Blanc Suisse puppy is totally in his element, surrounded by snow as far as the eye can see

4. His fellow man has also found the carpet that goes with his dress

5. The colors are so close that only the ears and feet of the cat can distinguish it

6. This cat doesn’t have to wait until night to appear gray

7. This Dalmatian may not have stripes, but that does not prevent him from being in harmony with the decor

8. Another canine which is in camouflage mode, while it asks only to sleep peacefully

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9. Another cat who is not lacking in talent when it comes to blending in with his surroundings

10. It is certainly not this tortoiseshell cat that we will learn to camouflage ourselves


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